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Sponsored Events

Prior to Belite Capital, our founders were well-established Executives, individually innovating the Media and Entertainment industries.  To give back, they leveraged their platform to create opportunities for young and disenfranchised audiences to receive inspiration, mentorship, and access to education.  This work continues at Belite Capital.  We not only facilitate events that introduce promising entrepreneurs to investors, but we also partner with event organizers whose mission is to positively impact the lives of youth or disenfranchised audiences.  We celebrate leaders, and plug them into audiences around the globe to amplify the sound of change.  Our Belite Events share a glimpse of the work that is most dear to us.

Marc PlanetX.jpg

Delos Living Inc. Presents Planet X with Marc Porat

Belite Capital and Prime Private Equity team up to present Planet X with ke note speakers Marc Porat and Paul Scialla. 

The Edward Waters University President's Distinguished Speaker Series

Belite Capital and EWU team up to present the distinguish speakers series featuring keynote Dr. Cornel West.

Gerson Gibbs Annual Scholarship Awardee.jpg

Liberation High School Annual Scholarship

Founder Gerson Gibbs with Belite Capital's annual scholarship recipient. 

HBO Boxing Presents

Get in the Ring

Founder, Gerson Gibbs, with Daniel Jacobs, former WBA Boxing Champion after cosponsored community event for cancer awareness. 

Gerson Gibbs and Daniel Jacobs former WBA Title Boxer.jpg
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