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Trust Your Financial Advisor?

As we enter 2023, there have been numerous cases of fraud where investors have been deceived by greedy advisors and top officials. With technology and the securities industry advancing as times goes on, the demand for regulation couldn’t be more prevalent. Investment banking companies such as Goldman Sachs, have failed to stay in compliance with ESG claims leading to a settlement with the SEC. Investors are making investment decisions based on claims by advisors or investment bankers that are partially true, if not true at all. Americans have lost $1.58 billion to investment scams in 2021 due to schemes that promised great financial returns. Many people have been left with no resolution as there is uncertainty on whether they will retrieve their assets.

How do you determine who’s deceiving you for your cash? Do you have a regulator that will do the proper due diligence for your investments?

In the wake of recent bankruptcies at high-profile crypto companies, officials from the Securities and Exchange Commission discussed new proposed rules to increase regulation. "I think it's important for people to remember that the lessons of traditional finance apply in crypto" said SEC commissioner Hester Peirce. “If you have entities that look very much like traditional financial entities, centralized entities, there are certainly basic rules that have been learned for centuries around how you manage a business and make sure that you are taking your accounting for things properly. These are things that businesses should be doing in the crypto industry.”

In addition to the demand for regulation in crypto, private companies will also be met with new regulatory standards on their debt securities. The SEC is demonstrating the need for more regulation in the securities industry today.

The Supplement For The Securities Industry...

Compliance firms such as Belite Capital, are the clear answer for fraud and corruption that has disrupted the securities industry this past year. Belite Capital exhibits the proper manner and business etiquette in order to provide investors with a comfortable relationship that ensures safety within their assets. Firms that focus on the regulatory aspect of the securities industry need to be enhanced and follow a similar mission as Belite Capital’s to provide investors with the relationship and respect they deserve to receive. Investors with Belite Capital are provided a deep connection as well as proper care and due diligence to secure investments the correct way. Our expertise in regulation allows us to protect your portfolio from unfeasible investment strategies while building personal relationships to form a connection deeper than just your financial advisor.

Do you have a compliance/regulatory firm like Belite Capital ?

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