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Welcome to Belite Capital

Our Expertise

Our Founder, a former top financial cop, is a Wall Street insider with credibility in the investment industry as a securities business compliance and operations expert- for close to two decades.  

Our Commitment to Results

Our Philosophy

Our company is designed to provide oversight- services and solutions provided with watchful and responsible care for the participants in the investment industry:  Investment Firms and Investment Professionals, Investors and Entrepreneurs, Agencies and Organizations


Who is there to help you navigate the investment industry landscape?  What company deeply understands the rules and regulations related to the securities business, and uses them to help you defend and build your investment objectives- as an independent third party? 

Like a compass there to help you navigate the investment industry landscape?

The Team

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Gerson Gibbs

Managing Partner

Gerson Gibbs, MBA, is the Founder and Principal of Belite Capital, where he is shaping the future of the Investment Industry by developing safe and attractive investment vehicles, alongside an engaged and informed investor community.  For over two decades, he built a reputation on Wall Street based on his unwavering commitment to celebrating capitalism by conducting business with the utmost integrity.  Mr. Gibbs' embodies the American spirit, beginning his career as a college student in the mailroom of the nation's largest self-regulatory agency, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).  He would rise in ranks to become a Principal Examiner for FINRA, where he oversaw the examinations of some of the world’s largest investment banks, including: JP Morgan Chase Investment Division, UBS Domestic Investment Division and UBS International (Puerto Rico).  Leaving FINRA as a revered regulatory compliance expert, he opened the highly successful Phoenix Compliance, where he advised leaders of various financial institutions: from broker dealers, investment banks, to venture capitals and funds.  His expertise proved invaluable on the creation and operation of investment-related companies, and the successful launch and management of various investment products.  Most notably, Mr. Gibbs' was the founding Operations and Compliance Director of Rosecliff Ventures, touting $1.4 Billion AUM with 8 funds and over 100 portfolio companies.  

While Phoenix Compliance served investment related companies, Mr. Gibbs' found Belite Capital to provide that same unique intersection of knowledge to all industry participants.  He believes that, armed with the best information, each of us, individually, can create safe and profitable capital markets for the generations to come.

Gerson Gibbs received his Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Business from the University at Albany, and his Masters in Business Administration from the Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY).  Mr. Gibbs resides in New York City, where he is an advisor for his alma mater's Financial Services Department, and a member of Psi Beta Theta Honors Society.  In his spare time, he creates music, and supports the NYC arts community.

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Dorin Lee

Managing Partner

A "She-Maverick" in the making, Dorin is the business executive for the next generation.  Ms. Lee is the

Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Belite Capital, designing the future of the investment experience.  Dorin lends expertise in raising capital, managing investor relations, and developing powerful brands through her extensive start-up, and executive management experience.

Ms. Lee owned a small business consultancy for over ten years, coaching new entrepreneurs, and advising established owners using her expertise as a brand and sales marketing strategist at larger companies.  Clients relied on her to consistently raise the profile of their companies or brands, and create customer experiences that drove ROIs up.  Ms. Lee multiplied the monthly revenues, and raised the profile of the firm through strategic business partnerships grown from her deep rolodex.  Her work with event organizers and sponsors around the world to consistently deliver dynamic and relevant events. Her clients have included (a selected list): the United States Air Force, ComEd, Exxon, General Atomics, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Congressional Caucus of Black and Latino Legislators in New York, National Association of Medicine, City of Portland, City of San Antonio, and over 50 colleges and universities across the country.

A third generation woman entrepreneur, at age 6, Ms. Lee witnessed her mother and grandmother start several successful retail businesses, and two non-profits.  Dorin has successfully coached and managed sales and marketing teams in industries ranging from Mobile Retail to Healthcare, Fitness to Banking, and the public forum.  Her knack for creating the right environments for new businesses to succeed grew with her cultivating and developing brand messaging for companies- something she learned from her mother.  Ms. Lee is a proud graduate of North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University, and resides in Bergen County, New Jersey.

Kevin R. Wilson

President, Belite Capital Partners

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Belite Capital Partners is led by President Kevin Wilson, who has over 20 years of experience in the private equity space. Kevin has raised over $200 million to date in the Private Equity Space. 

A creative and successful sales, product, and business development manager with more than 20 years of subject matter expertise - Kevin shines when connecting people with what they love, and what they need. Kevin is a strong motivator and pipeline developer with well-honed consultative sales, relationship building, sales management, and sales team building skills. Exceptional at new product planning, development, build out, marketing & brand strategy development experience, Kevin shines when leading a team to develop profitable and long-term relationships with corporate shareholders.

Strategic Partners

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