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Future Financial Advisors of America


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Ready to Join the Finance Industry?  

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Test Preparation for SIE, Series 7,  Series 65, Series 63, and so much more at discounted rates!

Exam prep, Professional Development, and CE programs for the

insurance, securities, and financial planning industries.


For over 80 years, Kaplan has delivered licensing and designation exam prep, professional development, and continuing education for millions of professionals in a wide range of industries.

The Future Financial Advisors of America (FFAA) is a program created in 2020, at the brink of the global pandemic outbreak, by Wall Street executives and human capital experts. To better educate the next generation of brokers, learn the industry, and learn the future clients, FFAA is shaping the next generation of investment industry leaders.


Accepting ages 22-40, our program is composed of a diverse group of college graduates, young entrepreneurs, athletes that have impressed program directors with the potential to excel in the 3 phases of investor behavior- the 3 Rs: Risk, Rush, and Reward.

Along with a thorough education of the investment industry, licensing, mentorship from legendary brokers and advisors, we have meticulously prepared a curriculum with a modern component that matches instincts with technology to create super brokers.

Our students will emerge not only with an intimate knowledge of the investment industry, but also the mastery of technological advances and advertisement and marketing techniques to provide an industry edge.

While we accept all qualified applicants, the mission of this program is to introduce more diverse financial professionals into the industry, by focusing on Black, Brown, and Women trainees.

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