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BLM Founder, Patrisse Cullors, Asks for a Different Type of Investment

Check out the Vice Up+Rising-i-D article on the BLM founder's call for dollars to invest in her Social Movement organization. Cullors discusses the very real monetary weight that social justice organizations bear, but also the unique problems facing the Black Lives Matter organization.

"Invest into a culture of dignity and care for Black people" - Patrisse Cullors- Brignac

Grassroot organizers are in a new world, having no prior experience in raising capital, they are looking for ways to leverage the popularity of the movement. While businesses have commercialized the BLM movement, amassing massive profit from the Black culture, others have not properly been addressed on their role in White supremacy. Patrisse says that BLM is looking for ways to partner with both business types. But this is just one small step forward in generating revenue for such an important and fast-growing movement.

With so few Black people in the finance industry, the information of sustaining healthy organizations is often limited, especially for a civil rights organization. They have historically relied on donations, paid appearances or partnerships, and the sales from merchandise (or food). Organizations of this size and responsibility require and deserve diversified organizational structures and sophisticated strategies to acquire, maintain, and grow.

As the investment economy shifts, what ways can the sector benefit from adding Social Justice organizations for the buyer or seller sides?

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