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Is Plastiq the Answer to Saving the COVID Cash-Strapped 30 Million US Businesses?

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic has spawned a huge trend in credit equity, and in our opinion, Plastiq makes a genius disruptive move to innovate credit availability for business owners to continue paying expenses: by supplying it in cold, hard, cash...

Before Plastiq, SMB’s pay vendors:

$9 Trillion in Cash Payments

With only

$3 Trillion in Active Credit.

1 Billion active Credit Cards

Plastiq combines two multi-trillion-dollar industries.


Plastiq was formed to make it easier for businesses to pay and get paid, by allowing them to use the credit they worked hard to get. This fintech believes (1) everyone should pay how they want to, (2) have more control over their business finances, and (3) get their money where it’s supposed to go quickly, efficiently and securely.


Eliot Buchanan , CO-FOUNDER & CEO:

Harvard Student when he developed Plastiq… and couldn’t pay his tuition with a credit card.

He is an impressive and down-to-earth entrepreneur who has surrounded himself with strong leaders on his team and on his Board.

Wailun Chan , CFO:

LinkedIn former VP of Finance

Executive Team formerly of…

Lending Club PayPal StubHub eBay Google LinkedIn Dell Cisco Yahoo Electronic Arts Nestle AMEX VISA Mastercard Intuit Fidelity Bank of America McKinsey Accenture GE Capital


Top Private Equity Firms

Accomplice Acorn Khosla Ventures Kleiner Perkins Top Tier

B Capital, Eduardo Saverin's family office and venture capital firm, led their $75 mm Series D Round, which closed out in October 2019 at a $500 mm post-money valuation.

Fin-Tech Executives are already following Wailun Chan’s trend, with several high-profile players sitting at the cap table.


Recently launched nationally: training 2,000+ sales reps on how to sell Plastiq.


Unlocking existing credit can prove especially valuable as struggling businesses reorganize their revenue strategies.

  • UPFRONT FEE – 2.5% (2.85% starting July) is paid to Plastiq by the business, with no cost to the vendor

  • POSSIBLE FEE OFFSET – the upfront costs to the customer can be offset in reward programs, early pay discounts from the vendor, etc.

  • NO RISK WHATSOEVER – Plastiq creates value and profit in the credit equity industry without assuming any risk, whatsoever: because they are only the connector between the financing and the customer.

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