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Palantir Who? Airbnb's $3B IPO Raise

As we end this week of Palantir highlights, eyes have already shifted focus to another popular company listed on our Portfolio page: Airbnb.

In August, the home rental company confidentially filed an IPO with the SEC, making it one of the largest and most anticipated stock market listings of 2020.

We should get an announcement of the filings after the November elections, with the goal of listing in December. It seems part of the confidentiality is to mitigate the volatile markets and election season.

Here are some numbers to put in valuation context:

$2 Billion

Most Recent Raise: Debt, April '20

$18 Billion

Valuation, April '20

$21 Billion

Most Recent Independent Appraisal

$30 Billion - Anticipated Valuation at IPO

Check out the full article for more on Airbnb's IPO.

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